One of the biggest killer diseases we avoid to talk about is DENIALITIS. Psychologists define it as a psychological defence mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality. It is a deliberate refusal or unwillingness to accept that one has a problem or an unavoidable reality. Denialitis is the quickest escape route from accepting bad news of any kind like being diagnosed with cancer, HIV/AIDS or any other life threatening ailments. Such news leaves us wishing it was just a dream from which you wake up and say thank God it was just a dream. 
Christianity has taught us to have a positive outlook to life hence we make positive decrees and declarations about our well-being. This discussion is not meant to rebut that way of looking at life and dealing with issues. But this writer proposes that denialism closes the doors of hope and possible interventions against a pending life threatening situation if its ignored for too long. A problem recognised is a problem half-solved. The quicker you acknowledge that you are in a muddy place, the quicker you are likely to get help. For example people living with HIV/AIDS die more from denialitis rather than from the actual infection. All things being equal those who recognise their HIV status and quickly seek medication are assured of long life unlike those who deliberately refuse to accept reality. Check out what DENIALITIS can do to you:
# Denialitis makes you to stick your head into the sand so as to avoid painful realities

# Denialitis makes you to sweep your problems under the carpet so that on the outside nothing is broken and nothing is missing

# Denialitis makes you to live a lie and play hypocrite in the presence of other people but when you are alone reality breaks you big time

# Denialitis makes you to live a self-sabotaging and self-fooling lifestyle

# Denialitis affects your ability to make informed choices and it also deliberately prevents you from making informed choices

# Denialitis prevents you from taking appropriate actions at the appropriate time

# Denialitis ruins your vertical relationship with God and your horizontal relationships with other people

# Denialitis causes uncontrolled mood swings due to emotional illiteracy

# Denialitis leads to low self-esteem, self-blame, self-hatred and social isolation

# Denialitis kills your health, your mental capacity, your well-being, your dreams and your destiny

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In recent years there has been a global shift of Christianity from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, from the west to the east. This migration has left former Christian communities like Europe secularised whilst the former mission field of the third world has become the centre of Christianity. The Pentecostal and Charismatic brand of Christianity has greatly impacted the African Church. This global shift of Christianity is an opportunity for the African Church to add the African flavour to the global Christian expression. It is true to say that the vibrancy of African Christian expression is vital to global Christianity. 
However this writer is concerned with the way in which the Prophetic Movement within Pentecostalism in general is altering the character of Christianity in significant ways. This movement is subtly bringing OCCULTISM into the Church. This is shameful, shocking and shuttering because sooner or later occultism will be a new religious normal in the Church. Occult practices are slowly being introduced into the Church through the psychological processes of LEGITIMATION, DIGNIFICATION & GLAMORISATION. 
Occultism has to do with connecting oneself with the world of spirits through divination, soothsaying, augury, necromancy, sorcery, use of charms, mediums and wizardry or witchcraft. God clearly warns us against indulging in these abominable practices. Practitioners of occultism do so to gain knowledge which allows them to exert power and control over people or events. They use psychic powers to control people by casting a spell over them. Scriptures clearly instruct us not to learn, experiment, follow or do these abominable practices. In Biblical times occult practitioners were excluded from the community of God’s people. This spiritual harlotry costed Saul his kingship when he consulted the Witch of Endor. The New Testament warns us against the madness of the fee charging occultist Balaam (2Peter 2:15-16). Balaam was an occultist whose specialty was blessing and cursing. He attracted high fees for his trade. His attempt to curse the people of Israel was a total fiasco because according to his confession later, “There is no enchantment against Jacob, no divination against Israel” (Numbers 23:23). These modern false prophets and false teachers are bringing respectability to occultism through syncretism and polytheism. I refuse to be complicit to the spread of occultism in the Church of God. Those who practise occultism in the name of God should be named and shamed because in their rebellion, they belittle God and exalt humans. They view God as inadequate in revealing mysteries hence pilgrimages to shrines in secret locations. The Global Church deserves something better from Africa. This return to primitive occult practices must stop. May the Church in Africa maintain its vibrancy from which the global Church may glean handfuls of purpose. 


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Among the ecclesiastical fraternity there is a new crop of fly-by-night briefcase preachers. The majority of these zealotic roving preachers are of no fixed abode and are not accountable to any Church establishment. They freely churn out their sermons to unsuspecting listeners and the social media is giving them publicity because their genres are in line with popular religion. Their preaching is devoid of hermeneutical tools of rightly dividing the word of truth let alone homiletical standards of presenting the Gospel. What is attractive in their sermonising are jokes, illustrations, stories, community gossip and insinuations of anti-establishment. One of the popular genres these preachers capitalise on is to venomously attack structures and systems of established Churches. However this article is not there to cover up any evil things which may be happening in the Church. Truth be told, there is no perfect Church or perfect system. Somebody said that if there is a perfect Church, do not join it because you will contaminate it. 
Of late there has been an onslaught attack on the electoral process by which Church Officials are elected. They dismiss this practice by arguing that Jesus Christ was not elected but appointed by God and that the twelve disciples were also appointed and not elected. This is a clear belief in the autocratic system of governance as opposed to democracy. I have yet to see a Church which does not have the electoral process unless its a newly formed Independent Ministry run by the founder. Its true that our Lord Jesus Christ was not elected but appointed by God. From a sociological point of view he used Charismatic authority to run his newly founded Christian Movement better known as the Church. When Jesus Christ died, rose again and ascended to heaven, he left his disciples to continue with his mission. The Church continued to be run on Charismatic authority under the tutelage of its key eyewitnesses (Disciples) but reality on the ground demanded a gradual shift to the need for the electoral process. This shift begins with the replacement of Judas Iscariot by Mathias (Acts 1:21-26) and the appointment of seven deacons to serve on tables (Acts 6:1-7). 
The electoral process led to the development of Bureaucratic authority whose authority is position or office-based rather than Charisma-based. The Early Church believed that the electoral process was God-ordained hence an elected officer was deemed to have been appointed by God. The Early Church put prayer first before casting lots and the qualities of contestants to be nominated were clearly stipulated. The struggle that exists in the Christian community comes from newly founded ministries. A founder of a ministry carries Charismatic authority hence he has the autocratic power to appoint leaders below him usually without using the electoral process. He does not only have the power to hire but also to fire and his decision is final, RIGHT OR WRONG. Such authority does not exist in an established Denomination which has clear guidelines on the electoral process and regulations on disciplinary matters. Pastors operating in denominational settings are sometimes tempted to emulate Charismatic authority vested in the founder of a ministry. However, Charismatic leaders and founders of ministries do not live forever hence each ministry will always evolve from Charismatic authority to Bureaucratic authority. 
The case of the founding of the Apostolic Faith Mission (to which this writer belongs) is unique in that it did not necessarily evolve from Charismatic authority to Bureaucratic authority, neither did it evolve from autocracy to democracy. The determining factor of this is that the AFM was founded by a team of five Missionaries who encountered the Azusa Revival in Los Angeles, USA. They did not come with positions in mind. It was only plausible to apply the electoral process to elect a chief leader among equals in order to establish accountability protocols. But even within a system with bureaucratic authority, there are some individuals who have higher levels of charisma than others hence the existence of tensions between the two forces in play. This is also true of John Graham Lake who is more celebrated as the founder of AFM compared to his older counterpart and team player Thomas Hezmalhalch. But Church archival records show that the first Chairman and President of the AFM of South Africa was Thomas Hezmalhalch followed by John Graham Lake.
While the electoral process is the most democratic system of appointing leaders, it is imperative for the Church to continually have checks and balances so that this noble process does not mirror corrupt tendencies happening in the world. Well-meaning and God-honouring elections can easily be manipulated by both insiders and interested parties from outside. Manipulation of the electoral process by insiders or outsiders is evil because it hijacks a godly practice thus make it an abomination to the Lord. In conclusion I can safely say that free and fair elections in the Church are a means by which God appoints Church leaders into positions of responsibility. Therefore the electoral process exists to confirm those whom God appoints.

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There is an obsession about titles, ranks and hierarchies in the Christian community these days. This could be a new heresy having its rounds in the religious market. The most popular one in Africa south of the Sahara is ‘Prophet’ or ‘Prophetess’. I am also reminded of a Facebook article by one of our leading pastors in the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, Dr Dennis Erasmus. I was privileged to get his voluminous PhD thesis which he did with the University of Unisa. In one of his Facebook articles, he protested against preachers who have never been to a University lecture room but have the audacity to call themselves Doctors. For this reason he opted to be called Brother Erasmus. 
Could it be that we preachers in our ranks and file as Archbishops, Bishops, Overseers, The Most Reverend, The Very Reverends, The Right Reverends, Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Ministers, appointed or self-appointed etc (This writer at the time of writing is addressed as Reverend Overseer and Vice President of AFM in the United Kingdom) have forgotten that first and foremost we are children of God like any other believer? We are all brethren (Bazalwane in Zulu) who were washed by the same blood of Jesus. Whilst I am a strong proponent of the Honour Code but this should not be equated to the way we honour the Lord our God. Some have even gone too far with their blasphemy whereby they view themselves as fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh etc. to the Godhead. This nonsense must stop. 

The time we were growing up in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, I still vividly remember our veteran pastors like the late Pastor Langton Kupara, Pastor Peter Stephen Mutemererwa and many others of their generation, they used to address each other as ‘Brother Pastor’. The above were national Presidents of the AFM but they never forgot that they were brethren. Even our white counterparts like the former Director of Missions, Pastor Edgar Gschwend used to also be addressed as ‘Brother’. What has gone wrong with the current crop of Church leaders? It looks like the doctrine of the Priesthood of Believers is slowly being thrown out of the Church. The Caste System which defines people by classes is now replacing our biblical Brotherhood (BAZALWANE). This is destroying the fabric of Christianity.

In light of the above, I started to dig into the AFM’s past and from there I discovered that there is no better title than being BROTHERS AND SISTERS OR BRETHREN IN THE LORD. Professor David Maxwell in his book titled, ‘African Gifts of the Spirit’ argues that the AFM was founded by five Missionaries, three men and two women and their families from America in 1908. Among the five brethren the ones who took distinct leading roles were John Graham Lake and Thomas Hezmalhalch. They brought the Pentecostal Revival to South Africa, having experienced it themselves at the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, USA. Professor Maxwell narrates that the AFM Church was multi-racial, inter-denominational and gender-inclusive in its early rooting. He also argues that the running of the AFM mirrored the Azusa Street Revival way of doing things i.e. addressing each other as Brethren. Listed below is my summary and evaluation of why it is important to go back to our roots:

# The AFM was planted by a team of men and women missionaries hence the need to appreciate teamwork as fellow servants in God’s Vineyard. Our Sisters should be viewed as fellow-workers with their male counterparts
# The multi-racial nature of the early AFM promoted racial equality which was practically demonstrated by having Holy Communion from the same cup as BAZALWANE. The Apartheid ideology killed this equality among brethren leading to the formation of black, white, Indian and coloured Churches within the AFM. The coming of independent South Africa in 1994 led to the re-unification of the AFM Brethren again

# Pastors from other denominations like the Dutch Reformed Church, American Methodist Episcopal Church etc. were accepted into the AFM together with their congregants e.g. Pastor Pieter Louis Le Roux was from the Zionist Movement but became the AFM President from 1913 to 1943. The symbiotic relationship the AFM had with other denominations confirms that we tap into each other as BRETHREN/BAZALWANE

# The AFM was initially registered as an Unlimited Company in protest of ecclesiastical hierarchies and disillusionment with denominationalism, hence the emphasis on the Priesthood of Believers whereby ministers of the word were addressed as Lay-Workers and Full-time Workers rather than the Clergy and the Laity. These would gather together to bring reports of the Lord’s work in their constituencies as BRETHREN at National Workers’ Councils.
However the need for RESPECTABILITY led to the institutionalisation of the AFM Church, which gave birth to ecclesiastical hierarchies which if not guarded diligently can be manipulated by political opportunists. My fear is IF POLITICS IS UNAVOIDABLE IN THE CHURCH, THEN GODLINESS IS UNATTAINABLE. It is only when Church leaders at various levels view themselves as BRETHREN/BAZALWANE and not political rivals that godliness becomes attainable in our generation and generations to come. From now on call me BROTHER or BROTHER PASTOR if need be. I rest my case BRETHREN/BAZALWANE.

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The prophetic word I have for you is that YOUR WELLBEING IS IN THE HONOUR CODE: GIVE IT, GET IT & GROW IT. Honour is the value you place on someone or something. To honour simply means to view as valuable or to view as precious. The value you put on someone determines how you treat that person. The value you give to God determines how you treat him. The Honour Code features highly in Judaism, Christianity and African Culture. In the three communities, individual identity is closely knit with the community to which one belongs. One’s humanness is seen by how one relates with the community around him/her. African philosophy has one of its celebrated sayings which sums up the need for the Honour Code. It says, ‘I am because we are’ which in Zulu means, ‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ and in Shona means, ‘Munhu, munhu pavanhu’. Therefore Ubuntu (Zulu), Unhu (Shona) defines our humanness in relation to how we honour others in the community. The Honour Code is crucial for our spiritual, physical, social, moral and material wellbeing.
The Bible is awash with people who gave high value to the Honour Code in the way they related with other people or handled tempting situations which could lure them to desacralise the Honour Code:

# David did not kill King Saul because of the stipulations of the honour code concerning the anointed of God.

# Joseph refused to go to bed with Potiphar’s wife even though she had put safety measures because of the honour code.

# Job refused to curse God and die because of the honour code.

# The three Hebrew boys refused to bow to King Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idols because of the honour code.

# Peter and John, after being beaten and warned not to preach Christ chose to obey God because of the honour code.

# Paul was not disobedient to the heavenly vision when being tried by King Agrippa because of the honour code.

# Mordecai refused to bow down to Harman because of the honour code.

# Joseph before an angel appeared to him, wanted to secretly break up with Mary due to her pregnancy because of the honour code.
Honour is something we should give to God, to our parents and to all other people. We honour God because of his POSITION i.e. who he is and not what he does. He is EL ELYON the Most High God. In Malachi 1:6 God is making a formal complaint to his people Israel, ‘A son honours his father, and a slave his master. If I am a father, where is the honour due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?’. The main culprits who showed contempt for his name were the priests who offered blind, lame and diseased animals for sacrifice. Ironically these priests offered to God animals which were detestable to offer to the governor. It is our duty to give God the honour due him.

# Honour God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

# Honour God with highest praise.

# Honour God with the first best (First-fruit).

# Honour God with your tithes and offerings.

# Honour God with your lifestyle (Holiness)
After giving honour to God, your own parents are next on line. Deuteronomy (5:16) quoting one of the ten commandments says, ‘Honour your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you’. The honour we give to God is about worship but the honour we give to our parents and other people is about treating them with dignity and respect. The two Hebrew words for honouring human beings are KAVOD meaning to dignify and MORAH meaning to respect. We give respect and dignity to our parents by obeying them, clothing them, feeding them and sheltering them. The two sons of Noah, when they realised that their father was naked, they covered him with a piece of cloth hence the duty to dignify our parents. 
Your ability to give honour to all other people is determined by how much you honour God and your parents. If you fail to honour God and your parents, you are not likely to be able to honour other people. People who dishonour other people are actually dishonouring God and their parents. If you dishonour other pastors, you are in effect dishonouring your own pastor too. 

# Give due honour to your spiritual leaders.

# Give due honour to your employer.

# Give due honour to Civil authority.

# Give due honour to your spouse.

# Give due honour to your siblings and relatives.

# Give due honour to brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Whilst it is imperative to GIVE IT (Honour), you also deserve to GET IT. However you do not wait to get it from others because it may never be given. I propose that you get it by honouring yourself. Nothing should reduce your value, not even the colour of your skin, your gender, your ethnicity, your background or your origin. No one can add or take away your value. Just like a £20 note; fold it, squash it, kick it, spit on it, step on it, its value will never change. Trials, tribulations, pain, sickness, poverty etc do not take one iota of your value before God. Get rid of the spirit of self-hate. Refuse to mourn about your situations or curse the day you were born. Refuse to limit your value by the labels the world gives you or the negative self concept the devil tries to make you believe. Instead, learn to shower yourself with words of compliment.

# I am one of a kind

# I am an original and not a duplicate or photocopy of someone

# I am fearfully and wonderfully made

# I am not an afterthought or a statistic in this world

# I am proud to be me

# I am a full package that needs no additives to my skin colour

# I am a superior breed belonging to the bloodline of Christ

# Blessed is the day I was born
Ability to honour does not come by accident. It was instilled into you by your parents, the school and the community. You and I have a responsibility to PASS IT ON to future generations. You have to grow it in your children who will in turn grow it their children and their children’s children. 

# Grow it by being a MODEL to your children (80%)

# Grow the other 20% through other channels

# Grow it by setting rules and boundaries 

# Grow it by positive reinforcement

# Grow it by instilling it rather than enforcing it

# Grow it by teaching and training

# Grow it during the attachment and detachment periods of parenting

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Whilst there is more emphasis on an individual’s personal relationship with God in Christianity, it is imperative to note that there is also the CORPORATE RELATIONSHIP of us as the BODY OF CHRIST. An individual is made accountable for his/her sins, flaws and failures but there is silence about holding Churches, Denominations and Ministries accountable for their sins, flaws and failures. This should also be true of Governments, Political parties, big companies and small businesses. They must be held accountable for their sins, flaws and failures. SYSTEMIC OR CORPORATE sins, flaws and failures have caused more damage to communities than individual sins, flaws and failures. History and current affairs testify to SYSTEMIC SINS which manifest in slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racial segregation, discrimination, tribalism, regionalism, poverty, unemployment, patriarchalism, gender inequalities etc. In Pentecostal circles individuals undergo exorcisms of demons of all sorts to deliver them from such evil realities. But high ranking demons known as principalities and powers which cause systemic evil are left to torture communities in broad daylight.
The Church should continually review itself to see if its still fit for purpose. The Church should not only be a prophetic voice of justice to society but it should be seen to practise justice in its system. The major reason why systemic evil persists in society is because some people are benefitting from such flawed systems hence we have two classes of people namely the PRIVILEGED AND THE DISENFRANCHISED. Without delving into the debate of true and false prophets in Israel, those who spoke what the kings wanted had a privileged position in the state whilst those who demanded accountability from kings were demonised. Systemic evil is all over hence the prevalence of injustice, innocent suffering, poverty, wars, dictatorships and corruption in high places the world over. 
Where are God’s prophets today? They are busy addressing individual sins, flaws and failures rather than challenging systemic evils which are causing corporate suffering of the masses. They are busy preaching against individual sins to the delight of the devil. Indeed satan is not too dull in the way he engages his resources. He has left us dealing with individual evil while he concentrates on masterminding and perpetuating systemic evil hence the engagement of principalities and powers in the control of states and governments. For example he created the APARTHEID SYSTEM which continues to raise its ugly head in the so-called post-Apartheid era in South Africa. It is one of the die hard systemic evils. The memory of the Rwandan Genocide is there to stay as a reminder of SYSTEMIC EVIL. Needless to mention that Africa has independent states yet systemic evil is still persisting under the guise of independence hence we have a new form of colonialism among us. I call it SOPHISTICATED COLONIALISM because its being practised by a new crop of the BLACK ELITE against the poor masses who are being short-changed left, right and centre. This is being done under the watchful eyes of God’s prophets some of which are wining and dining with those in control of the system. It would be a shame if there is any Christian community among us which is deliberately erecting diabolical structures which perpetuate misery, corruption and wrongdoing. Let us learn lessons from Reformation era where Martin Luther challenged systemic evil in the Church. Furthermore if the Church is silent when its parishioners suffer the consequences of systemic evil, then it will be guilty of ignoring or neglecting WEIGHTIER MATTERS. The Church cannot be silent, neither should it accept to be silenced. 
Its time for the prophets of God to name, shame and confront SYSTEMIC EVIL wherever it is. When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3). When the systems of evil are destroying the livelihoods and fabric of society, what can the prophets do? DON’T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING. NAME IT, SHAME IT AND CONFRONT IT. If you cannot publicly deal with this systemic evil, you can still NAME IT, SHAME IT AND CONFRONT IT in prayer. Remember that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of this dark world. We are fighting spiritual forces of evil in the air which manifest in SYSTEMIC EVIL (Ephesians 6:12). We should concentrate on dealing with both individual sins and systemic sins. Remember that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people (Proverbs 14:34). May the good Lord give you anointing to NAME IT, SHAME IT & CONFRONT IT.

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GOD’S GONNA GET SOME GLORY OUT OF YOUR STORY (John 9:1-3, Philippians 1:12)

Are you aware that your story is for His glory? God is gonna get some glory out of every chapter of your story. Some of the things you are going through may not be glorious but God is in it. The Johanine corpus gives us a setting where Jesus is confronted with a case of a man born blind. The question was; Who caused this situation of being born blind? Is it the sin of the parents or the victim? Those who posed this question had what is well known in academic circles as DEUTERONOMISTIC THEOLOGY. This theology has it that misfortune is a result of sin. This theological framework blames the victim for his suffering. Bad things happen to bad people as a punishment from God. Similarly good things happen to good people as a reward from God. It was inconceivable that BAD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. Whenever someone suffered misfortune he had to do a lot of soul searching to find out where he went wrong or missed the mark. The community was also quick to judge you harshly for any misforne which befell you. This is the same thinking Job’s friends had when evaluating Job’s plight.
Jesus’ response to the plight of the blind man focused on demystifying this notion hence Jesus’ answer, THIS BLINDNESS IS NOT A RESULT OF SIN, BUT THAT THE WORKS OF GOD MAY BE DISPLAYED. In other words this man’s blindness does not need any research into the cause. His story is for his glory. Having said this, then Jesus miraculously opened the man’s eyes leading to God getting all the glory. 
The Apostle Paul similarly reassures the Philippians of his story of imprisonment. He asserts that all the adversities which happened to him helped in advancing the gospel. His suffering and possible execution did not in any way curtail the propagation of the gospel. Could it be that all the adversities you are facing are by divine design for the advancement of the gospel? Could it be that God may deliberately not remove some thorns in your flesh and he gets glory through his sustaining grace? Could it be that today’s Christians prefer golden chains and crosses to adorn their necks rather than carry a blood stained cross in their daily walk? Could it be that the modern Church has classified the crucified life as an outdated Theology suitable for Primitive Christianity? I beg to differ. Check out the following for your consolation:

# Your story may littered with sickness and suffering like the ten lepers but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with betrayal like Joseph but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with barrenness and childlessness like Hannah but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being dropped and dumped like Mephibosheth but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being born, bred and buttered in pain like Jabez but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with loss and misfortunes like Job but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with grief like Naomi or the widow of Nain but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with being a fugitive like David but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with threats like Mordecai but God is gonna get some glory out of your story

# Your story may be littered with bills and debts like the Prophet’s widow but God is gonna get some glory out of your story


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