21 Oct

As we come close to the end of the year (2012), I believe that the road you have travelled this far has not been rosy. You may have gone through the fire and through the valley. You could have been dead and buried. Daniel identifies with your situation because he was thrown into the lions’ den for refusing to worship King Darius. But the lions could not dare eat him. After a sleepless night, King Darius rashes to the lions’ den to check on Daniel. When called by the king, I can imagine Daniel declaring his presence by saying, I AM STILL AROUND. In the same manner you need to register that you are still around when by now you could have been history. Daniel had three secrets which kept him from being eaten by hungry lions. You and I can glean life lessons from these secrets:
1) Keep your record clean. Christians cannot afford to have too much dirty linen in their laundry room or skeletons in their closet.
2) Do what you always do. Daniel did not focus on the King’s decree. He continued to pray as usual.
3) Have an excellent spirit. You cannot fight excellence or criticise excellence. Think excellence, talk excellence and put a touch of excellence in all you do.

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