22 Oct

Paul warned of a time in the future when some members of the Christian Community shall fail to tolerate sound doctrine (2Tim.4:3-4). Instead they shall have itching ears conditioned to hear what they want to hear. It is my humble observation that we are living at such a time in the history of Christianity.

The problem of itching ears also existed during the period of Kings in Israel and Judah (1Kings 22:1-14). Here we observe King Jehoshaphat of Judah asking King Ahab of Israel to enquire God’s guidance on a pending war plan. Sadly 400 prophets prophesied in unison what King Ahab wanted to hear. Having heard the 400 prophets, King Jehoshaphat might have doubted their prophecy hence he asked if there was still another prophet remaining. King Ahab reacted that there was prophet Micaiah whose prophetic utterances he did not like because they were not in step with what he wanted.

Where are the Micaiahs of today who can speak the oracles of God without compromise? If they are there, can they survive the winds of change where the POPULAR GOSPEL is more acceptable than the TRUE GOSPEL? Sad to say that the RELIGIOUS MARKET has been invaded by this DIFFERENT GOSPEL big time.

If you agree with my observation, please PRAY that God may raise more MICAIAHS to take the Church to its ORIGINAL PURPOSE.

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