22 Oct

This is a game all human beings are good at playing. Some may be amateurs while others are highly skilled and experienced. Its a game played by perfectionists who will never make mistakes but are good at shifting the blame on others. Such people will always have a scapegoat to place the blame. This mentality originates from Adam and Eve. Both deliberately ate of the forbidden fruit but when asked by God what happened, lo and behold the blame game was founded. Adam blamed both God and Eve…THE WOMAN YOU GAVE ME. Eve passed on the blame to the snake. The world would be a better place to live if every human being took responsibility of their actions. May we learn from King David and the Prodigal son. Both men took responsibility of their actions. On the other hand may society learn to embrace those who have confessed their wrong doings by giving them a right hand of fellowship. For the blame game to end, IT BEGINS WITH YOU.

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