24 Jan

Having been involved in buying and selling cars for a while in Zimbabwe, I began to understand the negative impact of defects on the value of any car. A clever dealer or buyer looks at the condition of the engine i.e. its function. He also looks at the appearance of the body i.e. its marketability or attractiveness. If the car has some defects, the buyer uses those weak¬†points to pull down your price. If a car is being sold ‘AS SEEN’ be careful because it may have too many defects which affects its usability and saleability. Could it be that our defects as believers have a great impact on the marketability and dependability of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Could it be that our appearanceand our heart condition matters to the gospel we preach? Could it be that too many imperfections in the Body of Christ have a negative impact over our Christian influence in society? Could this situation not be the result of us having side-lined the subject of HOLINESS from our pulpits in favour of POPULAR RELIGION OF THE TIMES? Its just an observation.

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