Destiny Comes in Different Packages

24 Jan

Destiny is easier to embrace if it comes on a silver plate. In a world of positive thinking, it is difficult to embrace destiny if it comes packaged in difficulties. Having read about Joseph’s journey to his destiny and his response to his destiny killers (Gen.50:20),it is my humble conclusion that destiny comes in different packages. It was the evil plot of Joseph’s brothers which propelled him to his destiny. What was meant for evil, God turned it around for good. God specialises in the turn around business. Next time you face difficulties take note: ITS NOT ABOUT THE DEVIL’S Ds, ITS ABOUT YOUR DESTINY.
1) For Joseph, it was not about the DUNGEON but his DESTINY
2) For Blind Bartimeus, it was not about DISCOURAGEMENT……
3) For the woman with the issue of blood, it was not about DISEASE……
4) For Daniel, it was not about the DEN OF LIONS…….
5) For Saul, it was not about DONKEYS………
6) For Ruth, it was not about DESPERATION……
7) For the Prophet’s widow, it was not about DESPAIR…..
8) For Hannah, it was not about DRUNKENNESS…….
9) For Job, it was not about DOOM……

The list is endless. But it suffices to say that the Devil’s Ds simply come as a temporary package to your destiny.

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