24 Jan

A hindrance is anything that impedes, obstructs, stops, retards, blocks or inhibits us from doing or achieving something in life. One of the greatest desires of any believer is to become complete with the completeness of Christ. The author of Hebrews encourages us to strip everything that hinders our completion. Check out which of these is a hindrance in your road to completion.
1) Lack of knowledge or roots in the word of God
2) False standards of comparing ourselves with others rather than with Christ
3) Setting our affections on cares of this world rather than focusing on Christ
4) Bewitching ourselves with poisonous teachings due to failure to sift offers from the religious market
5) Distractions and discouragements from the world around us
6) Carelessness in the choices we make in life
7) Lack of informed engagement with challenges in the world

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