Your Destiny is Unstoppable

24 Jan

Without going into the spiritual jargon of ‘Thus saith the Lord’, my prophetic declaration to you for 2013 is: YOUR DESTINY IS UNSTOPPABLE. You may be targeted by Destiny Killers from the WOMB to the TOMB but take those attacks as commercial breaks on your journey. Watch out for seven Destiny Killers on your way.
1) The spirit of Pharaoh wants to drown your destiny in the Nile river or pursue you into the Red sea.
2) The spirit of Herod is prepared to kill your destiny if you are a threat to positions he has or is eyeing.
3) The spirit of Jezebel aims to silence you if you are a prophetic voice to the nations.
4) The spirit of the thugs thrives at attacking when you are isolated, thus rob you, strip you and dump you.
5) The spirit of the brethren emanates from jealousy by non-achievers whose PhD qualification stands for: PULL HIM/HER DOWN
6) The spirit of Delilah aims at stripping you of the Lord’s anointing upon your life thus destroy your destiny.
7) The spirit of the Prince of Persia thrives in blocking answers to your prayers especially when you make 21 days’ fast.
Come wind, come storm, come thunder, come rain, come snow, come heat wave, YOUR DESTINY IS UNSTOPPABLE.

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