30 Jan

One of the greatest desires of Christians is to be dynamic in their witness. We all want to be used of God in a mighty way. In other words we all want God to work through us. The Bible has records of highly anointed men and women whom God used in spectacular ways. One of such charismatic personalities was Samson. Some of his exploits included killing a thousand Philistine soldiers with a jawbone of a donkey. He also managed to catch 300 foxes, tied their tails two by two and lit their tails to go and burn Philistine fields. None of us doubts that Samson was highly used of God. But he messed himself big time because of carelessness. His downward trend began when he went down to Gaza and found a prostitute known as Delilah (Judges 16:1) While Delilah may be labeled Samson’s destiny killer but if truth be told, Samson was responsible for killing his own destiny. Many Christians kill their destiny due to lack of DISCIPLINE. Could it be that we need God to work IN US (DISCIPLINE) before he works THROUGH US (DYNAMICS). God worked in the life of the Israelites for 40 years before he worked through them during the conquest of the land. Indeed it was an easy task to take Israelites out of Egypt but it was a mammoth task to take Egypt out of their hearts. Highly effective Christians should understand the principle of DISCIPLINE BEFORE DYNAMICS. DISCIPLINE will keep you where DYNAMICS take you.

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