25 Feb

Did you know that you are here on earth for a cause. David takes some food for his brothers who were at war in the valley of Elah. For 40 days Goliath was mocking the Israelites until David came to the scene. David’s elder brother Eliab, instead of challenging Goliath he descended on his young brother accusing him of being a naughty boy. Hence he answers; What have I done? Is there not a cause? David had a cause to deal with Giant Goliath. Noah had cause to build an ark. Abraham had a cause to get the promised land. Moses had a cause to liberate Israelites from Egyptian bondage. Elijah had a cause to uproot baal worship. The Shunamite woman’s cause was to honor the man of God. John the Baptist’s cause was to be a voice crying out in the wilderness. The list is endless. You are not an accident of history neither are you an after-thought. You were born for a cause. The size of your cause determines the size of your destiny. Some have a small cause, a large cause or an extra-large cause. Get the logic. No cause, no destiny. Small cause, small destiny. Large cause, large destiny. Extra-large cause, extra-large destiny. XXXL cause, XXXL destiny. Let your cause propel you to your destiny. I am destined for the XXXL.

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