08 Apr

After sojourning in Haran for a while, Jacob decides to go back to the promised land. This time around Jacob has a family and lots of wealth. His biggest challenge is whether his brother Esau is going to accept him in the light of his previous scandal. He sends a message to his brother who in turn comes with 400 men to meet him. At hearing this news, Jacob is greatly afraid and distressed thinking that his brother is coming to fight him. The guilty are afraid. Jacob makes everyone cross the river Jabbok and he remains alone at night. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Did you know that major spiritual encounters take place when you are alone. Thank God for corporate showers of blessing, but they are not enough. Such showers should create a hunger for more. The angel of the Lord wrestles with Jacob throughout the night in a lonely place. Take note: ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD DON’T COME CHEAP. Jacob said, “I will not let go until you bless me”. Four significant things happen to Jacob. Firstly his hip is disjointed thus changing the way he walked. Secondly, his name is changed to Israel meaning contender with God. Thirdly, Jacob confesses his experience: I have seen God face to face hence the name Peniel. Fourthly, the sun rose upon Jacob thus making him to shine. When you have a face to face encounter with God, your lifestyle and your testimony changes and the Lord’s presence will make you a shining example in society. May the radiance of Christ upon you make you to shine in your community today.

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