09 Apr

Prophet Elijah challenges the Baal prophets at Mount Carmel in the previous chapter i.e. 1 Kings 18. The power of God is demonstrated in a mighty way leading to the slaughter of 450 prophets of Baal. Tell you what!!! the devil is not worried when you are in high spirits with large crowds at Mount Carmel. He waits for the BURN OUT MOMENT when you are alone. In other words the devil intimidates us when we are at our lowest ebb. Elijah was a human being like us hence he ran away from Jezebel’s threats into the wilderness. The Christian journey and serving God can lead to burn out if you fail to replenish your strength by taking a break to get a fresh encounter with God. Even Prophet Elijah was so exhausted that he contemplated to die. But God touched Elijah under the Juniper tree. We serve JEHOVAH DHUMA-DHUMA: THE GOD OF FRESH ENCOUNTERS. He did not only touch him but he also gave him a special treat. God prepared a table for Elijah in the presence of Jezebel’s threats. Are you going through a dry season in your life? Are you seeing death as an option? Is your ministry going through rough times? Are you having a wilderness experience? The good news is that God is gonna refresh you big time. Remember that he is not only the God of the mountains but also the God of the valleys. Just as God touched and refreshed Elijah twice under the Juniper tree, in the same manner ITS YOUR TURN TO RECEIVE YOUR DOUBLE ENCOUNTER in 2013.

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