01 Sep

David as a young man was wired by God’s anointing for greatness. This begins with looking after his father’s sheep during which he faced and killed lions and bears. With LEVEL 1 ANOINTING nobody noticed David’s potential. But do not despise the days of small beginnings. He moved on to LEVEL 2 ANOINTING when he killed Goliath i.e. the level of dealing with giants. This led to his promotion by Saul to lead an army being LEVEL3 ANOINTING. Note that the higher you climb the ladder of success, the more exposed you become. When he was about to go to LEVEL 4 ANOINTING i.e. to lead a nation, he began to face life threatening challenges. It all began with accolades or praises he received after resounding victories as an army commander under King Saul. “Saul has killed thousands and David tens of thousands” shouted the women in praise of David. When Saul heard this he eyed David with a jealous eye. Hence David had to run for dear life and hid himself in the cave of Adullam. Could it be that all the trials and tribulations you are facing emanate from Satan’s jealous eye? Could it be that the Lord is about to anoint you for NATIONAL DUTY? LEVEL 4 ANOINTING does not come on a silver platter. There is a price to pay. The prophetic word I have for every person who is about to give up and is hiding in the cave is: YOU ARE WIRED FOR GREATER WORKS….GET OUT OF THAT CAVE. THE CAVE IS NOT YOUR DESTINY.

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