07 Sep

Biblical Scholars have come up with two Latin statements to differentiate between WORDS ABOUT GOD AND WORDS FROM GOD. When in everyday life we speak about God or testify about God’s goodness in our lives, those words we speak are not words from God but words about God. In Latin such words about God are called IPSISSIMA VOX. When prophets in the Old Testament spoke words from God, they spoke like God’s mouthpiece hence the statement: THUS SAITH THE LORD. Any words which followed were in QUOTATION MARKS meaning that such words are no longer coming from a mortal man but straight from the throne of God. Such words are classified as IPSISSIMA VERBA i.e. words direct from the mouth of God. While words about God are beneficial but what more when it is a RHEMA word tailor-made for you. GOD IS ABOUT TO SHOW UP WITH A RHEMA WORD FOR YOU THIS YEAR. ITS IPSISSIMA VERBA SEASON. WORDS WITH QUOTATION MARKS ARE COMING. I HAD MINE TODAY.

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