06 Oct

Did you know that every christian worth his/her salt will always have his/her PRUNING SEASON. Modern hermeneutics with its emphasis on prosperity and success principles deliberately avoids to tell us the painful side of fruitfulness. Basic agricultural principles have it that pruning is good for the fruit tree. John uses this agricultural terminology to teach that pruning is good for fruitfulness. Unfortunately every branch which is completely unfruitful is CUT OFF AND THROWN AWAY. But God prunes the branch that is productive so that it may produce MORE FRUIT. Let it be known that God does not exist to please us but to prune us. On face value pruning may appear as if its there to damage us but it is actually there to mould us into the image of Christ. Check out these lessons on pruning:
– Pruning removes extra baggage which is not beneficial
– Pruning improves the health and strength of the tree
– Pruning improves both the quality and quantity of the fruit
– Pruning maximises good use of nutrients
– Pruning ensures good access to light
– Pruning removes rubbing and crossing of branches (TENSION)
– Pruning makes it easier to access the fruit
– Pruning improves the shape and appearance of the tree

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