09 Oct

The trimming or pruning of Gideon’s army from 32000 to 300 men is there to illustrate the biblical principle that GOD USES WHAT IS LESS TO DO MORE. Gideon had struggled to raise an army of 32000 to fight 135000 Midianites. This meant that 1 Israelite needed to fight 4 Midianites. But God told Gideon that these people were too many hence the need to trim 22000 COWARDS. When 10000 men were left, God trimmed them again with 9700 CARELESS soldiers going back home. Gideon remained with 300 men meaning 1 Israelite against 450 Midianites. God used 300 Israelites to defeat 135000 Midianites. Could it be that for God to do more through us, he has to prune some stuff from us so that we become less. In other words for us to do more for God, the same God needs less of us. GOD DOES MORE WITH LESS. Check out more examples:
– He used a boy’s lunch (5 loaves of bread and 2 fish) to feed more than 5000 people
– A widow’s little bottle of oil filled several containers
– A small cloud the size of a palm of a hand brought a heavy rain
– A stammering Moses led the Israelites from Egyptian bondage to the promised land
– Samson killed 1000 Philistines with a mere jawbone of an ass
– A small Israelite girl helped Naaman the Assyrian army commander to receive his healing from leprosy
– A small sheperd boy pulled down giant Goliath
– God used 12 uneducated and unlearned disciples to turn the world upside down

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