23 Oct

Great prophets, apostles and preachers from time immemorial have had their rough times especially in their initial stages of ministry. Just like Jesus, everyone of them started their ministry in their home towns. Jeremiah’s prophetic assignment begins in his home village of Anathoth. Jeremiah was warning his fellow Jews of the impending danger of idolatry but instead of repenting, they ignored him and appeared to be at ease. Jeremiah gets frustrated hence his prophetic lament. God challenges Jeremiah that if he has raced with men on foot and they have wearied him, how is he going to compete with the horses? If he stumbles in safe land how is he going to manage in the thickets of the Jordan? This verse exists to encourage all those who are serving God at various levels not to give up. Imagine if Jeremiah gave up in Chapter 12, it means that we would not have 40 more chapters to make up the 52 chapters of the book of Jeremiah. Similarly his influence would have been limited to his village Anathoth. To those who have been wearied and are contemplating to give up, GET OUT OF VILLAGE OLYMPICS, GOD HAS BIGGER PLANS FOR YOU. Racing rules are changing. Gird yourself with the anointing of an overtaker like Prophet Elijah. You are going to race with the horses in the thickets of the Jordan. You still have more distance to cover and more chapters to contribute in the Kingdom of God. MAY GOD GIVE YOU SUPERNATURAL SPEED TO COMPLETE YOUR RACE.

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