23 Oct

God created every human being with potential to achieve great things. High achievers in the world out there like Bill Gates are now being celebrated because of discovering an idea and pursuing it. In the Christian community may I hasten to say that one prophetic idea is good enough to propel you towards your destiny. In the case of Isaac the Lord blessed him in the midst of a raging famine. He discovered one prophetic idea i.e. to re-dig the wells his father had dug but had been blocked by the Philistines. No wonder he became very wealthy. Check out other examples of prophetic ideas:
– Ruth’s prophetic idea was to focus on gleaning left-overs and in the process she got her Boaz
– Peter was instructed by Jesus to launch into the deep for a catch and he had net-breaking and boat-sinking blessings
– The Shunamite woman’s prophetic idea was to put up an upper room for Prophet Elisha and the Lord blessed her with a bouncy baby boy
– King Jehoshaphat’s prophetic idea was to put a Praise Team in front of the army and he defeated his enemies in the valley of Berakah
– Hannah’s prophetic idea was to pour it out to God in the temple and she was blessed with a Samuel
– Strive Masiyiwa’s prophetic idea is Econet Wireless
– Nigel Chanakira’s prophetic idea is Kingdom Financial Services

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