06 Nov

For those of us who were raised in the African continent, we understand the existence of the evil world of spirits where evil practices like witchcraft is rampant. Witches are some of the unwanted people in society because of their evil trade of bewitching, killing and cannibal disposition so to speak. For purposes of classification I call this: lower order witchcraft. Paul’s epistle to the Galatian Church introduces us to a more subtle witchcraft which is being practised in broad daylight. I call this: higher order witchcraft or sophisticated witchcraft. The situation was that Paul had planted an infant Church in Galatia to whom he had proclaimed salvation through Christ only. But when he left for other missionary endevours, a group known as Judaizers came with another gospel which was inclined to Judaism (Christ plus Judaism = Salvation) hence it confused and poisoned the innocent Galatians who were Gentiles. The Judaizers did not only propagate another gospel but they also tarnished the Apostleship of Paul. Could it be that in modern times, witchcraft of a higher order comes through rumour mongering, gossip, character assasination, loose talk, false publications, malicious talk etc. Believers tarnishing other believers, Churches attacking other Churches and Church leaders assassinating other Church leaders has become the culture of the day. Such a scenario is silently bewitching innocent believers who have strong attachments to the very people who are being tarnished. If you have never been a victim of higher order witchcraft consider yourself to be one of the chosen few. Unfortunately this kind of witchcraft is silently destroying the fabric of Christianity. Sad to say that this kind of witchcraft is there to stay unless there is a consorted effort to eradicate this cancer from among us. Dr Murdoch Says that you cannot challenge what you tolerate. As long as we tolerate witchcraft of a higher order, it follows that it will remain unchallenged. GOD HELP US.

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