10 Nov

A principle may be defined as a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as a foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning. I strongly subscribe to the need of having a principle driven life. It is those personal principles which will safeguard you in a world that is awash with trials, temptations and lures of this world. Many believers are trading their christian values in exchange with a bowl of soup because of lack of principles. Regrettably also instead of Biblical Principles being propounded on our Church pulpits, Church parishioners are being bombarded with CERELAC SERMONS. No wonder now that the term ‘HOLINESS UNTO GOD’ has been reduced to a mere THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE TO BE DISCUSSED IN HALLS OF HIGHER EDUCATION rather than a Biblical Principle to live by. ‘HOLINESS UNTO GOD’ is a principle that will safeguard you from any form of sin big or small. Did you know that modern roots of Pentecostalism from the 1906 AZUSA REVIVAL IN LOS ANGELES USA was preceded by the HOLINESS MOVEMENT? Could it be that the PRINCIPLE OF HOLINESS UNTO GOD is foundational to any true PENTECOSTAL EXPERIENCE? TRUE PENTECOSTALS FEAR GOD.

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