11 Nov

Great men and women of faith as cited in the book of Hebrews and elsewhere were risk takers hence we have a track record of great things they achieved. Moses is a towering figure among them. The author of Hebrews says that by faith Moses left Egypt with the Israelites, not fearing the wrath of Pharaoh. Today the story of the deliverance of the Israelites is celebrated as the foundational story of freedom. Politicians, Liberation Theologians, Prosperity Preachers and Deliverance Preachers base their ideologies on this story. How did Moses a stammering preacher manage to take a bunch of murmuring, grumbling and complaining Israelites to the Promised Land? What made Moses to persevere when even God wanted to wipe out the Israelites thus start a new community altogether? Moses’ secret was PROPHETIC SIGHT. The bible says, ‘……HE PERSEVERED BECAUSE HE SAW HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE’. Indeed the above cliche is true that WHEN YOU SEE THE INVISIBLE (GOD) YOU WILL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. To every believer and every preacher of the word, your secret to doing the impossible is to FOCUS ON SEEING HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE. Do not allow things and people that surround you to make you lose your focus. AS YOU FOCUS ON SEEING HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE, MAY YOU RECEIVE THE ANOINTING TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. MAY YOU BE A HISTORY MAKER IN YOUR GENERATION.

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