25 Nov

A lot has been said about the eagle as the King of the birds. One of the most fascinating characteristics of the eagle is that it can carry things which are heavier than its weight. Similarly intercessors are burden bearers who carry the weight of the needs of the Church and others before the throne of grace. Most of the time they do this in the privacy of their closet. Only God knows how much tears they have poured on behalf of you and me. May God give intercessors the ability to carry burdens which are heavier than their capacity. Someone somewhere is secretly carrying the weight of your burdens before the Lord. One of these great generals of prayer is GOGO NHARI of Waterfalls in Zimbabwe. Its your turn now to pray for her.

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One response to “THE BURDEN BEARER

  1. Rhoda S Shamenda

    May 9, 2014 at 07:01

    We thank God for these powerful messages. We would be grateful to keep on seeing and watching them. God bless u and your ministry.


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