14 Dec

The spirit of Lucifer is subtly manifesting itself in the modern Christian Community. While Lucifer had originally been created as one of God’s Archangels, he was eventually deposed from God’s presence because of self-elevation hence he transformed into becoming a new entity called Satan. It all began with the 5 “I WILL…….” statements. Self-elevation is a spirit which wants to be like God thus usurp all the glory ascribed to God. When we get carried away by publicity we need to pause and ask WHO IS GETTING THE GLORY? When God does greater works through us, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. When we have highly successful ministries, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. When God grows his Church through you, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Humble yourself before the Lord and he will elevate you. Remember that PRIDE comes before a fall. Church history is dotted with great MOGs who succumbed to the satanic lure of pride leading to their demise. SAY NO TO SELF-ELEVATION!!!!!

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