24 Dec

You are what you are because of the moves you have taken in life. We can all testify that some of the moves we made led to a lot of regrets resulting in a downward trend in our lives. On the other hand some of the moves we made led to joy unspeakable resulting in our elevation. The most important move the Israelites made after crossing the Red Sea was to go and camp at Mount Horeb. This mountain became a historic landmark for the Israelites because this is where their commitment to Yahweh was established through the Mosaic Covenant and the Ten Commandments over and above their encounters with the glory of God. This was indeed a place to camp in His Presence hence the glamorisation of this place even today. What amazes me is that it was Yahweh Himself who instructed the Israelites to move on to the next level en-route Canaan the promised land. Could it be that when we have a PEAK EXPERIENCE with God at a certain level, we want to remain there as if we have exhausted all that has to be experienced in our spiritual walk. Thank God for all the glamorous peak experiences we had with God in 2013 but the best is yet to come. Spiritual stagnation takes place when we dwell on our past experiences at Mount Horeb. The prophetic word I have for you is: IT’S TIME TO BREAK CAMP AND MAKE A MOVE. Every God inspired move you are going to make in 2014 is going to lead to your ELEVATION for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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