21 Feb


Caleb was one of the twelve spies who were sent by Moses to have a glimpse of the promised land they were about to possess and to bring a report thereof. Ten of the spies brought a negative report which disheartened people. But Caleb and Joshua were convinced that the Israelites were well able to conquer the giants in the land. The ten spies focussed on the giants but and Caleb and his colleague had a different perspective i.e. they saw grapes. When you focus on the grapes, you will find ways of dealing with giants who are standing between you and your grapes. You can be in the same environment but see things differently. Elevation is directly connected to how you see the world, hence Caleb had a DIFFERENT SPIRIT. While the ten saw problems in opportunities, Caleb saw opportunities in problems. While the ten saw stumbling blocks, Caleb saw stepping stones. While the ten saw giants who were too big to fight, Caleb saw giants who were too big to miss. Refuse to have a grasshopper mentality. Refuse to look down upon yourself. Instead of always saying I CAN’T begin to get into the I CAN MODE. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. See this world as a good place to live and aim to make it a better place to live. When Caleb had entered the promised he reminded Joshua of God’s promise to him……GIVE ME THOSE MOUNTAINS FOR MY INHERITANCE. YOU ARE ON TARGET FOR ELEVATION. HEBRON IS YOUR PORTION.

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