21 Feb


Somebody said that the only job where you start from the top going to the bottom is that of an Undertaker. Otherwise most jobs and most business ventures start from the bottom going up. If you are serious about being elevated, begin from the bottom. Ruth started by doing two menial jobs i.e. to glean for left overs in Boaz’s field and taking care of her mother-in-law Naomi. If you are FAITHFUL in small things the Lord will entrust you with bigger things (Mt. 25:23). Ruth’s faithfulness reached the ears of Boaz and the entire Bethlehem Community hence he declared a blessing over her (Ruth 2:11-12). Eventually Boaz became a Kinsman Redeemer who then married Ruth leading her to be part of the Jewish lineage of kings and rulers up to the coming of Jesus the Lion of Judah. David began as a shepherd boy and rose through the ranks to become king of Israel. Jacob started out working for his father-in-law before he became a great man. Esther started out as a hopeless orphan under the care of Mordecai but rose up to become the Queen of the Empire of Persia. Peter started out as a fisherman and rose to become the Chief Apostle. Elisha was Prophet Elijah’s servant before he rose to become a prophet to the nation. The list is endless. Feel free to add biblical and contemporary examples. You are on target for elevation, BEGIN FROM THE BOTTOM.

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