21 Feb

In a world of motivational preaching which purports to make you have mountaintop experiences, sometimes we get so carried away that we forget that the existence of mountains confirms the existence of valleys. Somebody said that if there were no valleys, I would not have known that there are mountaintops and now that I know that there are mountaintops I also know that there are valleys. Even the Psalmist says that even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil because you are with me. In this series of discussions I want to alert believers that there is a PLACE CALLED ROCK BOTTOM. If you as a Christian have never been to this place, then you must be from another planet. But if you have a genetic make up of flesh and blood like me, you can unequivocally declare that THERE IS A PLACE CALLED ROCK BOTTOM: I WAS THERE. The only thing I refuse to do is to seek permanent residence there. Life’s challenges can easily throw us into the place called Rock Bottom. This is a place I characterise with Ds. It is a place of devastation. It is a place of discouragement. It is a place of depression. It is a place of desperation. It is a place of disappointment. You can add more of the Devil’s Ds. You may be down in the place called Rock Bottom but I have good news for you i.e. YOU CAN BOUNCE BACK. The beauty of the place called Rock Bottom is that once you are there, there is no other direction to look other than to LOOK UP. In this series, we will study a few Bible characters who were thrown down to the place called Rock Bottom but by the grace of God they bounced back. If you are in Rock Bottom right now, may the good Lord give you BOUNCAHOLIC ANOINTING TO BOUNCE BACK WITH A BANG.

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