24 Feb

# Prophet Jonah gets a submarine ride

The story of Prophet Jonah illustrates to us that disobedience to God’s call to ministry can lead your life to rock bottom until you obey God. Prophet Jonah vividly hears God calling him to go and prophesy in Nineveh but instead he opted to run away from the presence of God. Could it be that people who run away from God’s call to serve Him are in fact running away from the presence of God? The moment you are out of God’s presence and will, there is no other option except taking the DOWNWARD TREND. Prophet Jonah opted to go to Tar-shish hence the beginning of his journey down to the place called rock bottom. The further he went down the more he distanced himself from the presence of God. The Bible says that he went down to Joppa. He went down into the ship en route to Tar-shish. He went down into the basement of the ship. He was thrown down into the sea. He went down into the belly of the fish for three days. Jonah had two options, either to accept the situation that once swallowed, all you wait for is to be digested or alternatively do something radical. Instead Jonah took the second option of crying out to God from what he calls the belly of hell. Dear reader, it does not matter what kind of rock bottom situation in which you have found yourself in, your way out is to cry out to God. It does not matter if its you who messed up leading to this downward trend, you can still cry out to the Most High God. REFUSE TO BE DIGESTED IN ROCK BOTTOM. YOUR CRY FOR HELP WILL GET YOU OUT.

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