26 Feb

# Samson in Delilah’s hands (Judges 13-16)

Samson was a highly anointed and gifted charismatic personality who could be ranked among prominent celebrity preachers of today. Wherever he went, he oozed with anointing. He is the kind of person who could fight and kill one thousand Philistines with a jawbone of a donkey. But alas his charisma took him where his character could not keep him. Could it be that we have some preachers today who have so much charisma but are extremely careless with their lifestyles. Samson’s downward trend began when he went down to Gaza and found a professional Philistine prostitute called Delilah. She took him on a romantic road which led him to disclose the secret of his charismatic power. Having got what she wanted she then barbed off all his hair leading to his capture by the Philistines because the power of the Lord had departed from him. Samson’s eyes were gouged leaving him permanently blind. They made him a prisoner, an entertainer and a beast of burden. He would grind their wheat using a hard manual grinding mill. Life became a mary-go-round in prison, day in and day out. Indeed Samson’s carelessness led him into the place called rock bottom. But thank God that whilst in rock bottom, HIS HAIR BEGAN TO GROW AGAIN. This was a sign of the coming of restoration. You may have messed up big time but we serve the God of second chance. The enemy may think you are down and out but ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. SOMETHING IS GROWING AGAIN. When the time had come, Samson made a short and passionate prayer……..THIS ONE MORE TIME!!!!!! The Bible says that Samson killed more Philistines at the time of his death than he had killed in his whole lifetime. SAY NO TO MARY-GO-ROUND LIFE. YOUR ENDING SHOULD BE BETTER THAN YOUR BEGINNING. YOU ARE A BOUNCAHOLIC FOR JESUS. YOU CAN BOUNCE BACK.

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