25 Mar

Incase you have forgotten, God specialises in picking non-entities from obscurity to prosperity. Jabez was a man who was born and raised in pain and poverty but later on he became more honourable than his brothers because God blessed him and enlarged his territory. The four lepers from the periphery of society, from nowhere they found themselves partaking in God’s wealth transfer agenda. Mephibosheth a cripple from a remote village of Lo-Debar was elevated to wine and dine with King David unexpectedly. From an obscure village of Malawi a David Banda was adopted by Madonna. Today he is rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Los Angeles. The list is endless. Your social location cannot determine your destiny. God has earmarked you for elevation from obscurity to prosperity.

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    March 25, 2014 at 21:29

    God is indeed a God of changes, he can take a man FM d back to d front if only we wil ask. I use dis opportunity to invite God to step into my case
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