24 Apr

In this series I will share some nuggets I shared at our EASTER CONVENTION dubbed ROLL AWAY CONVENTION 2014. Mark 16:1-4 introduces us to three women on their way to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body thus give him dignity in death. How many times have we found ourselves dignifying our situations? Besides dignifying diseases and painful situations, we have gone further to dignify sin. For example the sin of adultery or fornication is simply viewed as pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex. Even ladies of the night are no longer called prostitutes but Commercial Sex Workers. Other unnatural affections are viewed as rights to personal options and choices. Lord have mercy!!! Allow me to move on. The three women had one question: WHO WILL ROLL AWAY THE STONE? I am sure that this is a question every human being has at the back of their mind. WHO WILL ROLL AWAY MY PROBLEMS? Remember that this particular stone was very large. Besides its mere size it was also sealed and guarded. Just like David who refused to be intimidated by giant Goliath, similarly refuse to be intimidated by the size of your challenges. In this ROLL AWAY SEASON, please be reminded that Jesus came to roll away every challenge you are facing in life. In this series we will be focussing on ROLLING AWAY REPROACHES as depicted in Joshua 5:9 where God said, “This day have I rolled away the reproach of slavery in Egypt from OFF YOU”. Indeed some things have to be rolled away from off you.

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