27 Apr

It is amazing to realise that after four hundred years of slavery in Egpyt, God shows up and says: 1) I have seen the affliction of my people Israel 2) I have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters 3) I know their sorrows 4) I have seen the oppression by which they are being oppressed by the Egyptians 5) I have come down to deliver them. Could I just say that there is going to be a time when God will be SILENT NO MORE about your situation. What God promised to do in Exodus 3, he completed in Joshua 5:9. God rolled away every REPROACH by which the Egyptians reproached the Israelites. To reproach means: to shame, to defame, to disgrace, to demonise, to dishonour, to incriminate, to stain, to blemish, to impeach, to scandalise, to dehumanise, to stereotype, to tarnish, to humiliate, to condemn etc. The Psalmist (69:19-20) says, “Thou hast known my reproach, shame and dishonour. Reproach has broken my heart and I am full of heaviness”. If you have never been reproached in your life, watch out otherwise you may be walking hand in hand with the devil. A reproach is a satanic conditioning where the devil wants you to actually accept the feeling of shame, disgrace and unworthiness before God. By so doing he is creating A NEW NORMAL. SAY NO TO THIS NEW NORMAL WHERE THE DEVIL MAKES YOU A SLAVE OF SATANIC CONDITIONING. Reproaches are satanic devices which aim to distort your view of GOD, THE WORLD, YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Satan tried the same tricks of reproaches on Job. In the story of Job we find him being condemned by his friends after losing his wealth, children and his health. His friends had Deuteronomist Theology which taught that misfortune was a result of sin hence Job according to this theology, needed to confess his sins. Let it be known that BAD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. But God VINDICATED Job by blessing the latter part of his life MORE THAN THE FIRST. To vindicate means to clear someone. Take note that God did not COMPENSATE Job but VINDICATED him. I NULLIFY EVERY SATANIC DEVICE TO REPROACH YOU. MAY CLEARANCE ANOINTING BE UPON YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS. In the next presentation we will deal with the BIG FIVE REPROACHES.

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