23 Jun

The Azusa Revival of 1906 in Los Angeles, USA led to what is now known as Modern Pentecostalism. It is true to say that the Pentecostal brand of Christianity has contributed to Church growth in a phenomenal way. The Pentecostal Brand has an emphasis on baptism in the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of glossolalia i.e. speaking in tongues over and above other gifts of the Holy Spirit. The demonstration of the power of God in healing, deliverance and other manifestations is highly emphasised in their kerygma. While these signs and wonders are necessary for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is my humble observation that we Pentecostals are forgetting the foundation upon which Modern Pentecostalism was birthed. You cannot talk of Modern Pentecostalism without going back to its foundation in the Holiness Movement in America. It suffices to say that you cannot fully present the story of Pentecost without referring to what the Holiness Movement contributed. We serve a holy God who does not tolerate sin. The desire to be holy before God was foundational to God’s visitation in 1906. Even Modern Pentecostalism in its early stages which some scholars classify as the Primitive Stage had a high emphasis on holiness. In my childhood in rural Chirumanzu, every Church service in the Apostolic Faith Mission was preceded by public confession of sins. I am of the opinion that holiness is foundational to any community which claims to be Pentecostal. While public confession had negatives but we should appreciate that the main desire was HOLINESS UNTO GOD. What would it benefit a Pentecostal to speak in tongues of men and angels but then end up in eternal damnation. #bvumaimururame

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