27 Jun

The issue of BURNOUT is hardly addressed in Christian circles especially among those in Pulpit Ministry. Its based on the assumption that these are anointed men and women of God, hence its unthinkable that they can suffer BURNOUT. Truth be told, our Church leaders are human beings who are prone to any challenge other mortals experience including BURNOUT. BURNOUT incorporates physical, mental, social, emotional, marital and even spiritual exhaustion which may end up affecting one’s health, well-being, performance and happiness. Could it be that some of the struggles you have today are related to BURNOUT? The story of Prophet Elijah under the Juniper tree is a classic example of a BURNOUT PROPHET. He had just come down from Mount Carmel where he had witnessed the demonstration of God’s power. But one statement from Queen Jezebel put Prophet Elijah off rail. He even contemplated quitting through death as a solution to his burnout situation. God’s therapeutic strategy was SLEEP, REST, A GOOD MEAL AND ANOTHER TOUCH. You never go wrong with the above Therapeutic Strategy to deal with BURNOUT. However watch out for these causes of burnout and feel free to add more for the benefit of others:
1) Mary-go-round routine life
2) Working hard instead of working smart
3) Disorganised lifestyle e.g. Moses presiding over all cases of the Israelites
4) Lack of balanced lifestyle
5) Lack of prioritisation between the demands of family, work and Church
6) Pressure to please everybody
7) Failure to be down to earth and real
8) Unrealistic expectations in life
9) Unavoidable stressful people and situations
10) Operating in dysfunctional social settings
11) Living beyond your means
12) Mid-life crisis

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