JEHOVAH ZAKAR (Genesis 8:1)

14 Jul

The story of Noah is a classic case of God’s protection when the rest of humanity perished in the flood. Despite all these interventions, Noah might have had his own doubts and worries about the final outcome of this historic disaster. Genesis chapter 8 chronicles Noah’s last days in the ark and God’s final intervention. The Bible introduces this development by saying, “But God remembered Noah….” The Hebrew word for REMEMBER is ZAKAR. It is my humble duty to introduce you to a new name for God. This God who remembered Noah, I call him JEHOVAH ZAKAR i.e. THE GOD WHO REMEMBERS. SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO BE REMEMBERED BY JEHOVAH ZAKAR: IT COULD BE YOU. Sometimes when we get into difficult situations, we think God has forgotten us. The prophetic word I have for you is: YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE REMEMBERED. Check out some people who were remembered by JEHOVAH ZAKAR:
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR remembered the lame man by the pool of Bethesda after 38 years
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR remembered the woman with an issue of blood after 12 years of suffering
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR remembered Mephibosheth when he had been dumped in Lo-debar
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR remembered the Samaritan woman hence John 4:4 says, Jesus needs must go through Samaria. Instead of fetching water, she ended up fetching her season
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR remembered Mordecai by making the King to honour him at the verge of being killed by Haman
– JEHOVAH ZAKAR caused the Butler to remember Joseph when Pharaoh needed someone to interpret his dreams. The list is endless. MAY JEHOVAH ZAKAR BE YOUR PORTION.

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