21 Jul

Ravens, Doves and other kinds of Preachers (Genesis 8:6-12)

When Noah opened the window he had made in the ark, he sent a raven to go and check whether the water had receded on the earth. The raven never came back but rather it went back and forth enjoying the carcases of dead animals. He then sent a dove which did not find anywhere to perch and came back. After a week it was sent again and this time it came back with a fresh olive leaf on its beak. Could it be that these two birds represent types of preachers in the Church. Ordinarily every genuine preacher of the word has an accountability circle. Just like the dove, those who serve in any capacity in the Kingdom of God must be accountable to someone. Today’s Christian Community has been raided by briefcase Raven Preachers of no fixed aboard. They are going back and forth causing confusion among innocent souls in various churches. Their main aim is to enjoy carcases of spiritually dead Christians. One strategy they thrive on is using popular titles in the religious market like: Apostle, Prophet/Prophetess, Evangelist, Bishop, Archbishop (These are genuine offices worthy of honour in the Church) etc. But these titles and many others have been abused by these Ravens or Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. Another strategy they also use is the notorious Facebook Platform. They are prophesying people via their Inbox and typical of their agenda they ask for carcases i.e. donations from their gullible facebook friends. Lets not leave wrong people to use this platform. Lets bombard facebook with right stuff. As long as these preachers do not have accountability circles, they are ravens and not doves. Beware of Ravens.

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