21 Jul

SIGNS AND WONDERS (Genesis 8:10-12)

We noted in an earlier publication that Noah sent a dove to check if the water had receded from the earth but on the first trip it brought NO SIGN of what Noah expected to see. Noah like many of us was desperate for a SIGN whether the waters had receded out there. This is true of the modern day microwave generation. It wants quick fix, spot on preaching and instant answers to various situations in life. Signs and wonders have become the quickest strategy to get a large following especially in Africa where poverty and disease is vexing a lot of poor people. As far as I am concerned these are SIGNS AND BLUNDERS in the Kingdom of God. Being a Classical Pentecostal I strongly believe in signs and wonders. So do not read me out of context. But if signs and wonders have to happen ON DEMAND and at ANY COST then I have serious reservations. Noah realising that the dove had brought bad news, he waited another seven days. If believers were more patient in waiting upon the Lord to answer their prayers in His own time, we would not have too many casualties who are falling prey to false miracle workers and cultic movements. Second time around the dove came back holding an olive leaf on its beak. The olive leaf was the sign or evidence that the earth had dried up hence new vegetation. What amazes me is that Noah sent the dove out the third time but for what reason now when God had already demonstrated a sign of the olive leaf? Could it be that Noah could have fitted very well into this generation that is after signs and wonders? As for Noah, God made the dove not to come back again. Signs and wonders are for the unbelievers to believe. As for believers be warned!!!! We do not follow after signs and wonders but they should be following us. Mark 16:17-18 says, “These signs shall follow them that believe………….” FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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