23 Jul

In this last part of the series I was sharing with you, I would like to focus on the subject of THANKFULNESS. Noah built an altar and offered sacrifices to the Lord. Noah was saying THANK YOU to JEHOVAH ZAKAR: the God who had remembered him. May we always practise the principle of thankfulness not only to God but to other people. Whenever God remembers you DO NOT FORGET TO THANK HIM. The Shona people of Zimbabwe say, KUSATENDA HUROYI (unthankfulness is equated to witchcraft). Remember the story of the ten lepers who came to Jesus to be healed of their leprosy. He told them to go and show themselves to the Priest. While they were on the way, they got healed. But only one of them went back to Jesus to say thank you. Jesus asked, WHERE ARE THE OTHER NINE? Noah’s THANKSGIVING OFFERING attracted God’s attention. The Bible says, THE LORD SMELLED THE PLEASING AROMA AND HE STARTED TO SPEAK IN HIS OWN HEART. Check out his words: NEVER AGAIN WILL I CURSE THE GROUND. NEVER AGAIN WILL I DESTROY ALL LIVING CREATURES. AS LONG AS THE EARTH ENDURES, SEEDTIME AND HARVEST …….. WILL NEVER CEASE. MAY YOUR THANKSGIVING OFFERINGS BE A SWEET SMELLING AROMA BEFORE GOD. MAY SEEDTIME AND HARVEST DEFINE YOUR SEASONS. Somebody shout, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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