17 Aug

Many years ago I went to South Africa to buy an imported car for the first time. I did not have a lot of money to buy a car in mint condition. My special thanks to Rev Dr Dennis Erasmus who took me around to garages that sell cheapies in Johannesburg. All the cars we saw were written ‘VOETSTOOTS’ being an Afrikaans term to mean you buy the car ‘AS IS’ i.e. No returns, No refunds, No exchanges. Although I had a good bargain on the car I bought, I have since learnt some lessons about goods which are sold VOETSTOOTS. Such goods have some hidden defects which the seller warns you in advance about but is not willing to disclose the defects to you. People who buy such goods do so knowing that its a game of luck. Some buy them with the intention of taking an extra bill on repairs. Could it be that we are what we are today because Jesus accepted us VOETSTOOTS i.e. despite our defects? Needless to mention that Jesus was condemned by the religious people of his day for associating with sinners thus accept them VOETSTOOTS. To be truly human is to accept that different people we encounter in life come with varying defects, some minor and some major, some hidden and some vivid. Whatever levels of relationships you may have with other people, truth be told, you are still in that relationship because someone is tolerating you VOETSTOOTS. Imagine what kind of Christian community or what a better world it would be if people accepted each other VOETSTOOTS and where need be repair the small defects in love. To all my Internet friends, I accept you and love you VOETSTOOTS and God does also accept you and love you VOETSTOOTS.

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  1. Charles Chipere

    April 10, 2015 at 01:29

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    During this Easter Season please be reminded that Jesus loves you voetstoots. You are marked for better things and you should in turn give God some better praise.


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