THOU SHALT NOT BE FOOLED (Genesis 13:8-13)

24 Aug

This 11th commandment I have coined is a warning to all believers. Are you aware that the devil is continually using his old tactic of deception? He specialises in fooling people. He started by fooling Eve and her husband Adam. In this context Lot had been under the covering of his uncle Abraham hence he went with him to the promised land. As Abraham became very wealthy, Lot became very wealthy too by virtue of connection with the anointing. However Lot’s downward trend began when his herdsmen started to quarrel over grazing land with Abraham’s herdsmen. Abraham refused to waste his time in quarrels with Lot. Refuse to waste your energy in quarrels which will not benefit you. Instead he gave Lot the first preference to choose the area he wanted to go. The devil fooled him to choose the plains of the Jordan which appeared to be well watered from a distance. Could it be that things we see from a distance appear to be more attractive and better compared to what is closer to us? Beware of what you see from a distance. The devil went further to fool him into pitching his tent near Sodom. By so doing he was distancing himself from the covering he had from Abraham. From thereon the pattern was predictable that he moved closer and closer to Sodom until he found himself and his family assimilated into the ‘new normal’ being wickedness of the Sodomites. Those who are now slaves of various addictions started with just a little experiment but they ended up into situations they are not able to come out. Be warned that its not worth it to part with your Abraham in search of greener grass. Lot was fooled and he ended up losing all he had in life. He lost his wealth. He lost his values. He lost his wife. He lost his children. He lost his integrity. He ended up committing incest with his two daughters leading to the creation of Moabites and Ammonites. All that glitters is not gold. THOU SHALT NOT BE FOOLED.

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One response to “THOU SHALT NOT BE FOOLED (Genesis 13:8-13)

  1. Samuel Nekati

    September 20, 2014 at 05:25

    Thank you Papal.Iam enjoying every bit of these messages.The word of God is so sweet hey!.Thank you.


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