PLEASURE IS GOOD FOR YOU (2Cor.12:7-10, James 1:2)

09 Sep

Did you know that pleasure is good for you despite negative connotations it has been given in some circles which embrace extremist ascetic spirituality and world view? Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment of some sort. We find pleasure in fulfilling relationships, in attaining a good education/job and in achievements we make in life like buying a house, furniture, a car or even having a hefty bank account. The Prosperity Gospel (which has a libertinist spirituality and world view as opposed to Asceticism) has this underlying component of pleasure hence it has become popular hermeneutics of the times. While I strongly believe that pleasure is good for you, I would like to bring to your attention two types of pleasure which In my opinion would present a balanced view of pleasure. Pleasure which emanates from physical and material things, I call it LOWER ORDER PLEASURE. This is what is propounded by Prosperity Teachers. Paul and James in the highlighted scriptures above introduce us to HIGHER ORDER PLEASURE. James tells the believers to count it PURE JOY when they encounter different kinds of trials. Paul on the other hand says, I DELIGHT (MEANING, I FIND GREAT PLEASURE) IN WEAKNESSES, INSULTS, PERSECUTIONS, DIFFICULTIES AND HARDSHIPS. Refuse to mourn about the situations you are going through. All the challenges you face in life do not come to WEAKEN you but to STRENGTHEN you. Could it be that FAIR WEATHER CHRISTIANS tend to focus on LOWER ORDER PLEASURE. May God raise ALL WEATHER CHRISTIANS who are able to find pleasure even in times of suffering, well knowing that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance: character and character: hope…… All weather Christians should embrace both LOWER AND HIGHER ORDER PLEASURE. MAY PLEASURE BE YOUR PORTION.

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