19 Sep

In this text, Joshua instructs the Israelites to consecrate themselves in preparation to cross over into the promised land. He says, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you’. After being Nomads for forty years in the wilderness, the most amazing thing for Israelites was to cross over the Jordan and step onto the promised land. Just like the Israelites, the Lord is about to usher the Church into a SEASON OF AMAZING THINGS. Indeed God never ceases to amaze his people with great things in every season and epoch. I am expectant of this great move of God. You and I are marked to experience the God of Amazing Things. You are about to STEP ONTO GOD’S PROMISES. You are about to POSSESS YOUR POSSESSIONS. Every move of God comes with it showers of blessing which will propel you to another level in your life. Just like Prophet Elijah I can hear the sound of a mighty rain. Did you know that an atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles? You better tune yourself into the FREQUENCY OF EXPECTANCY. However these amazing things will only come to pass on condition that we CONSECRATE OURSELVES. The word, ‘CONSECRATE’ means to set apart, to sanctify, to hallow. The Latin SANCTIS FACIO from which the English word SANCTIFICATION comes from, means to set apart for special or holy use. This is a call to cleansing and purification. We have a corporate and common responsibility to be holy before God. Holiness is about being different while we live in the same community with non-believers. Every move of God throughout biblical history and Church history is preceded by a communal desire to be holy. Its not about THE CLAIM IT AND HAVE IT GOSPEL BUT ITS ABOUT CONSECRATING OURSELVES HOLY. HOLINESS is the missing dimension in modern Hermeneutics. For the Israelites, holiness literally included bathing their bodies and washing their clothes. Even today, HOLINESS IS LITERAL. Your body is the temple where God resides. Keep it free from all contaminations and addictions. If you are serious about AMAZING THINGS IN OUR SEASON then sing with me, WASH ME OVER AGAIN……..

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