19 Sep

The story of Jesus’ crucifixion and his subsequent death demonstrates the power of the voice of falsehoods over TRUTH. Pilate’s findings after consultations with Herod were that Jesus was not guilty of any crime. At the very point where Jesus was about to be acquitted we observe a turn of events. The Bible says this about his accusers, ‘But with loud shouts they insistently demanded that he be crucified, and their shouts prevailed… Pilate decided to grant their demand’. It is with sadness and bleeding of heart that I have to alert the Church that we are living at a time when the voice of falsehoods is prevailing over truth. But praise be to God that this is for a season. Falsehoods cannot have a permanent mark on humanity. Truth cannot be thwarted by a lie in the long term. The devil who is the father of falsehoods shall be exposed together with his accomplices. Falsehoods cannot have the last say on you. That is why Jesus Christ rose from the dead; to demonstrate that falsehoods cannot bury an innocent man forever. A lot of people are being deceived by the loud and ruthless voices of modern media which the devil is using to discredit Christianity. While there are a few rotten apples among us who have put the Church into disrepute, but unfortunately modern media has become a ruthless tool to destroy innocent preachers and their flock. Only God knows how to heal the wounds of his wounded soldiers who are standing for the truth despite the tarnishing agenda the devil is unleashing against them. The prevalence of loud publicity or the fact that an article has made it to the front page does not prove that it is perpetuating truth. Even where a publication has gone viral with so many google clicks, that wide publicity does not make falsehoods to become truth. Shame on Christians who participate in spreading falsehoods to tarnish the very Church of God they claim to be members. The voice of falsehoods is misleading a lot of people into believing a lie. Refuse to be part of the statistics of Christians who are making an exodus out of the Church without verifying what they hear or read. Do not swallow everything you read as gospel truth. It can cause spiritual constipation i.e. failure to empty your spiritual bowels of falsehoods leading to the hardening of your heart to things of eternity. I REST MY CASE.


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3 responses to “THE VOICE OF FALSEHOODS (Luke 23:23-24)

  1. Karison Chitera

    September 19, 2014 at 18:18

    Bishop and Amai l am being blessed by your messages. Keep on doing the best work of God to uplift our souls

    • Charles Chipere

      September 19, 2014 at 20:56

      Life is about sharing. Many thanks.

  2. Rev AF & Pastor Elite Hlala

    September 20, 2014 at 18:38

    Powerful message Rev .
    thank you


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