26 Sep

Bitterness is one of the greatest poisons to life and happiness. A lot of people are carrying this invisible baggage in their lives. Could it be that the story of MARAH may be illustrative of what happens in the world of bitterness? After three days of travel into the desert the children of Israel came to Marah and they could not drink its water because it was bitter. The bitterness of this water caused discord among the Israelites hence the murmurings and complaints against Moses. Bitter people are like Marah, they give out what they have in them. What comes out of your mouth is a true reflection of what you have in the inside. Bitter people are not able to be sweet no matter how much they try. Out of the abundance of inner bitterness, the mouth speaks. But Moses prayed and God instructed him to throw a branch of a tree into the water and the water became sweet again or fit to drink. In this incident God introduced a new name: JEHOVAH RAPHA i.e. THE LORD OUR HEALER. Jehovah Rapha is there to heal you from bitterness. Bitterness is mostly a result of what I call PEOPLE WOUNDS. The majority of people who are living in bitterness, their bitter attitude to life was caused by people who HURT them. In some cases some of those perpetrators are dead but the trauma of their wounds lives on. We can be wounded by what is done to us. We can be wounded by what is said about us. We can be wounded by what is taken away from us. Watch out against the dangers of bitterness as outlined below:
– Bitterness is a deadly poison which affects the offended rather than the offender
– Bitterness is connected to some unresolved issues or anger against someone or something
– Bitterness tends to accumulate over time hence you can grow with it and be shaped by it for a long time
– Bitterness has photographic memory i.e. it remembers, retrieves and reviews negative experiences of the past with clarity and details as if it happened recently
– Bitterness like an open wound can fester some dangerous infections if left untreated
– Bitter people tend to operate in the accusative mode whereby they accuse everyone of their situation including God
The only solution to heal bitterness is FORGIVENESS. Refuse to be a prime candidate of bitterness. CHOOSE TO FORGIVE AND JEHOVAH RAPHA WILL HEAL YOU. BITTERNESS IS NOT YOUR PORTION.

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