03 Oct

It is amazing to discover that God allowed bitter people to be part of the holy canon. Naomi features highly among bitter people of the bible. She together with her husband relocated to Moab in search of a better life. Could it be that many people who relocate to other countries, do so with the hope of finding greener pastures? In the case of Naomi’s family, they miscalculated because Moab had nothing to offer. The so-called greener pastures were not so green. They left the HOUSE OF BREAD i.e. the meaning of Bethlehem because of a temporary famine. Apparently she lost her husband and her two sons who had been married to Moabite women. In her grief Naomi decided to leave her daughters-in-law behind while she went back to Bethlehem of Judah empty handed. But Ruth decided to go with her. When she arrived in Bethlehem, Naomi refused to be called NAOMI meaning, delightful, pleasant and lovely but opted to be called MARAH meaning BITTER because in her view God had brought bitterness in her life. Typical of bitter people, they operate in the ACCUSATIVE MODE. They accuse everyone for the bitterness they have. In this context, Naomi was so daring to blame God for causing bitterness in her life. Beware of the danger of disowning your good name when life throws bitter blows over your life. Like many of us Naomi suffered from BITTERNESS OF LOSS. Sometimes we get so preoccupied with bitterness that we lose sight of God’s plan of restoration in our lives. God used Ruth to help Naomi to come out of bitterness. It was Ruth who went around gleaning in other people’s fields for left-overs according to Jewish culture. This plan made them to survive but God had a bigger plan than just survival. Through Ruth’s marriage to Boaz, Naomi received her restoration from bitterness. Her grandson Obed became her restorer of life and nourisher of old age (Ruth 4:15). You are destined for restoration and nourishment in your life. BITTERNESS IS NOT YOUR PORTION.

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