THE SCARCE COMMODITY (2Cor.7:1, 6:14-18)

14 Oct

The subject of holiness is no longer popular in today’s pulpits because it does not appeal to people with itching ears which are selective in what they want to hear. Holiness is now a word you find in the dictionary rather than in the Church. Holiness has become a scarce commodity in the religious market. Yet it is our christian distinctive without which we cannot claim to be different from the world. Could it be that the Church has become so worldly and the world so churchy that you cannot tell the difference? The gospel of holiness is a correctional gospel which calls a spade, a spade and not just a digging tool. Even Paul had to correct the Corinthian Christian community for being double-faced. This kind of gospel is not likely to attract follower-ship on face-book and other electronic media. In the spirit of moving with the times, many preachers have resorted to perpetuating the popular gospel of prosperity. But what would it benefit a person to have all the wealth of this world but end up losing one’s soul. Thank God for the recent Spiritual Conference I was a participant. Check out the nuggets of truth about holiness which came out.
# You have to be holy because you are God’s physical address or his sacred enclosure where he resides
# Holiness is about relational purity horizontally and vertically
# Holiness is about cleansing ourselves from all contaminations
# Holiness is about being set apart for holy or special use
# Holiness is about social and ethical purity
# Holiness is about moral purity
# Holiness is about spiritual purity
# Holiness is about fearing God
# Holiness is about glorifying God through our bodies
# Holiness is about being witnesses of the gospel through our lifestyle
# Holiness is about being different while we live in the same neighbourhood with unbelievers
# Holiness is about corporate purity (Holier Together)


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3 responses to “THE SCARCE COMMODITY (2Cor.7:1, 6:14-18)

  1. Plax

    October 15, 2014 at 07:00

    Thank you brother.It mostly goes with not knowing who we are and what purpose we are here for.Most people look on the outside,which is the vessel or the container and forget that its not the vessel that will face the Lord when the day comes but the soul.We tend to be so hypocritical,say one thing and do the other and forget to do the right thing even in the absence of everybody.Until we realise that the vessel is nothing but just a pouch which cant do anything without the soul,then we will never realise the importance of purifying our souls.Thank you for the powerful message,your sister in Christ.

  2. Muvhangeri Rupiya Ponjole

    October 15, 2014 at 12:41

    Amen , God help me I want to live a holy life ,just as you’re holy.

  3. Nyasha

    October 15, 2014 at 15:14

    Very insightful. We often lose ourselves trying to be ‘popular’ ‘normal’. Thank u for that.


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