28 Oct

Jeremiah was called to prophesy when the religious fabric of the Jewish society was in tatters hence Jeremiah’s prophetic illustrations of a marred clay jar and the ruined belt. His main charge was that, because of the sins of the people of Judah, God was sending them into Babylonian captivity. Having given such a prophetic warning, Jeremiah is beaten and put into the stocks under the watchful eye of Pashur the High Priest. At his release from the stocks, Jeremiah declares a change of name for Pashur (meaning, SECURITY ON EVERY SIDE). His new name was to be MAGOR-MISSABIB (meaning TERROR ON EVERY SIDE). The devil has been giving you all sorts of nicknames but its your turn now to NAME AND SHAME THE DEVIL. You have known him as the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, THE OLD SERPENT, THE DECEIVER, THE FATHER OF LIES, THE ADVERSARY, THE ANTICHRIST etc. But today I give him a new name. I call him MAGOR-MISSABIB. You have to declare terror on every side against demons of poverty, demons of generational curses, demons of bitterness, demons of barrenness, demons of hatred, demons of confusion. The list is endless. You can add to this list everything that has been terrifying you. What used to chase you, its your turn to chase it. What used to intimidate you, its your turn to intimidate it. What used to terrify you, its your turn to terrify it. What used to hold you captive, its your turn to hold it captive. May your character terrify the devil. May your holiness terrify the devil. May your integrity terrify the devil. May your lifestyle terrify the devil. I DECLARE MAGOR-MISSABIB/TERROR ON EVERY SIDE AGAINST THE DEVIL IN JESUS’ NAME.

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