BITS AND PIECES (Acts 20:27)

06 Nov

The religious market is being bombarded left right and centre with bits and pieces of semblances of truth, partial truth, twisted truth and half truth. This accounts for the confusion among unsuspecting Church folks who are gullible to every concoction of false doctrines. False teachers thrive on dishing out bits and pieces of twisted truth in order to manipulate and brainwash innocent souls. Truth be told, brainwashing has become an art of blinding unsuspecting followers from encountering the liberating power of the whole counsel of God. No wonder there are now divers kinds of extra biblical practices in the name of God, some of which are laughable whilst others are deplorable, lamentable and disgusting. However what Christians need are not bits and pieces which they pick here and there but they must receive the whole counsel of God in the context of a local Church where one is consistently fed. The whole counsel of God must be the content of our kerygma/preaching. Whilst I subscribe to preaching that is accompanied by the demonstration of power, it is suicidal to follow extremist Church leaders who overemphasise demonstration of power at the expense of presenting the whole counsel of God. I am alarmed when I see believers travelling all over and everywhere in search of demonstration of power rather than seeking for the whole counsel of God. The only weapon to counter this eyesore of false teachers in and outside the Christian community is to present the whole counsel of God. YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

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