08 Nov

All human beings are entitled to what is known as personal space. Personal space in laymen’s language is the distance we keep between ourselves and other people in our everyday interactions. The distance that feels comfortable between you and the other person is called personal space. There are general acceptable distances of personal space between men and women which need to be observed and respected. Even Joshua stipulated that there be personal space between the people and the priests who were carrying the Ark of the Covenant. This personal space or for our purposes spiritual space was necessary for the good function of the priests as they led the people in crossing the Jordan river. Imagine if every Dick, Tom and Harry was entitled to choose any distance they wanted, it would not have been a surprise to see some of them going ahead of the priests. While it is acceptable for Church members to interact with their pastors, but they should always remember not to cross the line of personal space. Similarly Church leaders should not also cross the line of personal space with their Church members especially those of the opposite sex. Most of the sexual scandals in the house of God emanate from the breach of personal space. It is my humble recommendation that Church leaders and Church members should jealously guard their personal space because there are so many wolves masquerading in sheep’s clothing in the Christian community. These dangerous wolves are crossing every line of personal space (IN THE NAME OF GOD) thus leave behind them statistics of broken lives, broken hearts, broken marriages and shuttered dreams. The moment you lose your personal space then you are vulnerable to abuse. ITS A WARNING!!!!

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