16 Nov

A careful reading of this passage about prophecy in Israel reflects a political motif which resonates with what is happening in the prophetic arena these days. This political motif is none other than DECEPTION OF A HIGHER ORDER. Prophets were and still are supposed to be watchdogs of democracy in society, hence they had to and still must challenge evil in society even if it is practiced in higher echelons of society. However politicians of long ago like King Ahab surrounded himself with Palace Prophets (i.e. Prophets on the King’s payroll) who spoke or prophesied what the King wanted. Unlike Ahab, King Jehoshaphat believed in genuine prophetic counsel from the Lord. When the two Kings needed the counsel of the Lord over the impending battle they wanted to fight against the Arameans, four hundred palace prophets under the leadership of Chief Prophet Zedekiah prophesied victory. King Jehoshaphat was sceptical about this unanimous prophetic pronouncement hence he asked if there was still another prophet of the Lord in the land. King Ahab openly acknowledged that there was Prophet Micaiah but he did not like him because he did not prophesy what he wanted. When his time came, Prophet Micaiah spoke the oracles of God even if the other prophets had attempted to persuade him to speak what the King wanted. Could it be that some of the Prophets today because they are wining and dining with the Kings and the elite of society, they are now operating with a DECEIVING SPIRIT? Where are the Micaiahs of today who have the courage to challenge evil practices in and outside the Church? Or can the Micaiah type of prophets survive if they speak against the untouchables of society? As long as there are no Micaiahs in the modern prophetic arena, the political motif of speaking what the people want will continue unchallenged leading to the perpetuation of the SPIRIT OF DECEPTION in the Kingdom of God. LORD HAVE MERCY.

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One response to “DECEPTION OF A HIGHER ORDER (1Kings 22:1-28)

  1. Patson

    November 16, 2014 at 14:16

    So man of God, how are we to test these deceptions? How do l tell the difference btwn a false and a true prophet of God? I understand the bible say we shall know them by their works but my question is do we have to wait until some works are manifested so that we can then differentiate chaff from the grain?

    Thank u


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